My Family

I felt it necessary to start with my family as they mean the world to me.  All of this has been for them. Let’s start with the most important member, my son, Lucius Slocum. He was born June of 2017 and was the blessing that our family needed to feel complete. The journey with him has been amazing and we look forward to him moving some of your homes one day. After that, we have my loving and supportive husband, Daniel Slocum. Daniel comes from the moving industry and has helped tremendously when it comes to education and knowledge in the industry. This is the real support team standing behind the local and long distance services that we offer.

History of Grey Wolf Moving

As a child, I was raised in the transportation industry with my father being a heavy haul driver. As an adult, my dear husband was nice enough to relocate me all over the country for a moving company that he worked for.  Once we had our first little one, it only seemed natural to open up a transportation company that could provide great service while taking care of their employees . In doing so, I would also be able to ensure that my family was taken care of. So I did!
We quickly gained traction as we utilized the power of modern networking paired with professional  contacts. Our small fleet quickly grew from one to six trucks in a matter of six short months! We were thrilled to find that people were jumping at the opportunity to come on board and join our family in this endeavor. The result………. a team with an insane amount of moving experience and the skills needed to take care of each and every customer. Receive a free estimate today!

Where We are Going

We are very excited to be the second Grey Wolf Moving location! The branch was opened in November of 2018 and we cannot wait to get out into the community to start making a difference!